Loading OrganizationUnit not assign for user

Hi everyone,
I have an account test and I assign an Organizational Unit for user but when I go to Data Entry on menu left organizational Unit load all OU not assign .


Hello @chungnd

  • Which DHIS2 version you use?

  • Is this working for other OUs?

  • Did you clear cache and tried again?

  • If you are using DHIS2 newer versions >= 2.33, have you done relaxedQueryChars="[]" in server.xml under tomcat dir /conf

  • Have you seen any logs in catalina.out in the server side?

  • Can you also see whether your test user has permission & access to the dataset you are trying to click

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Thanks @jthomas.

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What was the real problem @chungnd, may be useful for future readers

I don’t why in my file “/dhis-web-commons/ouwt/ouwt.js” auto add character “” when loading page, It has returned an error: “ is not defined”.
I remove all space character in file and it worked.

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