LMIS software information

Dear respected DHIS community members, greetings,

please share any information regarding LMIS software, course, metadata or any other valuable information to get familiar with,

Thank you
Jan Agha

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Dear Jan Agha,
The following link may come in handy for your search about LMIS software.



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Dear Dr Sahib Shahab,

Millions thanks for sharing valuable information’s, it will definitely help me to learn about LMIS.


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Hi, are you looking for information on Logistics MIS or Laboratory MIS?

Greetings Edward,
I am looking information about Logistic MIS on DHIS2, to avail the services of this software, i would like to familiar my self with Logistic MIS, to how to work on it, setup, metadata and so on.


Hi @janagha There is a team of us at UiO working on DHIS2 LMIS. @ar.shahab already pointed you to the LMIS academy material. This is a great place to start. If you have any further specific questions or need support please feel free to reach out to myself, @GeorgeMcGuire and @Breno Scott@dhis2.org, george@dhis2.org, and breno@dhis2.org

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Dear @Scott
Thank you so much for sharing important information and assurance for support. No doubt DHIS community is a great platform to learn. Academic material will definitely help me to get started.