LMIS and DHIS2 Integration in Benin

Greetings! I am Jean-Pierre Sallet, consultant based in France.

I would like to invite all to join the session on the following abstract during DHIS2 Annual Conference 2022:

Session Title: LMIS French session (actual title TBD)
Date and time (tentative): Wednesday 22 June, 15:35-16:20
Presentation Title: eSIGL and DHIS2 Integration: automation of monthly LMIS report submission in DHIS2 platform in Benin

The Benin Ministry of Health implemented the DHIS2 for collecting and analyzing routine health services data from health facilities since 2015. The GHSC-TA Francophone TO project, funded by USAID and managed by Chemonics International, assisted MoH to develop a monthly Logistic Management Information System (LMIS) reporting template inside DHIS2 platform for reporting stock status of 75 tracer health commodities. The LMIS data entered in DHIS2 was uploaded periodically to an external custom data visualization platform via DHIS2 API to improve the visibility of logistics data. Later GHSC-TA Francophone TO developed a facility level stock management tool named Système d´Information de la Gestion Logistique ( eSIGL) which has been piloted in selected health facilities and warehouses of Benin.

The eSIGL is a custom web application which allows to manage real-time stock of health commodities by batch number and expiry date, allows day to day stock transactions like order, receive, issue, dispense, adjustment and stock take. Each month end, eSIGL generates LMIS report automatically that summarizes all transactions for the month and calculates - closing balance, average monthly consumption, month of stock & stockout days. Facilities using eSIGL do not need to manually enter monthly report in the DHIS2 LMIS template as logistics data is automatically synchronized from the eSIGL to the DHIS2. To ensure interoperability, eSIGL and DHIS2 facility list were mapped, and the DHIS2 elements were linked with corresponding eSIGL products so that data interchange is possible.

Results & Success:
eSIGL is deployed in 100+ pilot facilities and warehouses in Benin. Based on pilot results, MoH approved eSIGL as the LMIS for the country. A national rollout started from second quarter of 2022. Series of ToT sessions were conducted to develop a pool of super users and trainers responsible to roll-out eSIGL nationwide, support and maintenance in the future. Month-end generation of correctly calculated LMIS report reduced burden of paper form filling, minimized human error and improved data quality. With the eSIGL and DHIS2 interoperability in place, month-end LMIS reporting rate reached 95%.

Challenges & Lessons Learned:
Ensuring hardware for 1000+ facilities and periodic maintenance is a challenge. Central and regional level technical support teams are required to address software and hardware challenges during periodic interactions with the users. Reference tables updates from the DHIS2 need to be informed to eSIGL administrators for ensuring the smooth synchronization between the two systems.

Keywords: DHIS2, LMIS, eSIGL, stock management, interoperability, API

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