Line Listing app - Unable to find user documentation

Thanks for this great app? Apart from the video and release notes, I am not able to find the user guidance in the usual DHIS2 documentation:

Thank you for post!

The Line Listing app will be added as a Core App in 2.38.1 release and probably by then the docs will be updated as well, so you are right, currently the docs still need to be updated.

Like you mentioned the currently available info are the release notes as well as info and video shared on the website. Thank you!


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Hi there! I was also looking for line listing app docs today, and as it happens 2.38.1 was released yesterday. However I didn’t see the line list app or docs there. Does that mean it is now 2.38.2? Thank you.

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Dear @bhansen,

You’re right we still don’t have the docs yet but it will be shared as soon as it is available. Thank you for your patience! :+1:

@George_McGuire and @bhansen,

The DHIS2 Line Listing app documentation has been published:


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Does the “NEW” line listing app replace the existing functionality of the event reports line list? What happens to existing line list visualizations on dashboards?

Edit: think I found the answer to my second question here in the new documentation:


There will be a forward compatibility with the Event Reports app, which means that you can open the existing event reports of type line list in the Line Listing app, but you cannot save them with the same name in the Line Listing app.

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