Line listing app lengend

Dear Team,

Is it intentional that line listing app v100.5.0 for dhis2 v2.38 doesn’t have a legend setting?

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This is an interesting question @moses_mwale because the same app version (Line Listing v100.5.0) displays Legend in DHIS2 version ( but not in version (

Hi @moses_mwale ,

This is intended. Legend support was add to the backend in 2.39, so the app checks the server version before it decides to enable legend in the app or not. The same app is running in 2.38 and it intentionally hides the legend option because of this. This is what we refer to as feature toggling or server version toggling.



So the App checks the server version or the dhis2 instance version? from what you have said, Probably checks the instance version. If it checks the server version, what does it check the tomcat or apache2? From this I further pick that 2.38 line listing App will never support legend. Alright then.

Yes, the feature is based on instance version so that’s what is being checked. To use legend in the Line Listing app, please upgrade your instance. :pray: