Line Listing app gives no data to display error

Hi community,

We have the latest 2.39 release of DHIS2 and installed the latest Line Listing app from the app hub. I built one line list visual and it works fine within the app, but when I try to put that line list visual in to the dashboard it says no data to display.

Any ideas anyone?

Hi @Daler

Did you set the sharing settings for the favorite to be the viewable by those who can view the dashboard?


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Yes it has sharing and everything is working fine within the line listin app. But then I want to put that on the dashboards, this is where it gives error.


Is there a chance to share the steps to reproduce this issue in DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone ? If it’s not possible to reproduce the issue, could you share the errors displayed in the Console as well as from the API requests in the Network tab (F12 β†’ Network tab)