Line list app - displaying GPS coordinates

Hi All

We are really enjoying the new Line List app, especially with the new features that have been included to show “created by” and other similar fields (thanks to the team!).

One thing we have not been able to find is the ability to include the coordinates into the line list. In the older Event Reports, it was possible to include the Latitude and Longitude into the line list directly from a program (Event without registration). However, we have not been able to figure out how to do this in the new Line List app (if it is possible). This has been an extremely useful feature for us.

Any guidance would be appreciated. I couldn’t find anything in the documentation or in JIRA/ Roadmap.



Hi @Terence_Scott

You are right. It seems that when I include in the line list app a data element of type coordinate it breaks:

It appears that the app is calling the data element just the same as any other data element so I doubt that the issue is from the Analytics api itself maybe the analytics api needs to request coordinates in a different way… because the error response returned:

    "httpStatus": "Conflict",
    "httpStatusCode": 409,
    "status": "ERROR",
    "message": "Query failed because of a syntax error (SqlState: 42703)",
    "devMessage": "SqlState: 42703",
    "errorCode": "E7145"

I tested this on

I think the issue is how this data is being retrieved from the database. I will triage this. Thanks!

Thanks @Gassim

I assume this would also be related to the inability to show the default “coordinates” (Feature type: Point) from Capture programs as well (rather than coordinate type DEs)?

Hi @Terence_Scott,
just a basic question. After creating this dimension, have you executed a full analytics table export?
Otherwise this dimension will not be visible to the analytics API.

I’m asking because error code “42703” points to “undefined column”. I would like to eliminate this possibility.


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From my side, I forgot to run the full analytics table export when I was trying to reproduce the issue. When I try again, I will make sure I do. Thanks!

Hi @maikel

No, we are not using a “coordinates” type DE, but rather the default coordinates in an event without registration program (Capture; Feature type: Point).

On the event reports, it was possible to include this in the line list, but the new line list app doesn’t seem to have this functionality.

Would this be something that can be included again or is there a reason that the default coordinates is not included? i.e., should we consider moving away from this to a “Coordinates” type DE?


Hello @Terence_Scott,

thanks for the clarification. I understand the situation now.
This functionality was removed, in the Line Listing app, as you pointed out.
You can still get it from the API, adding “latitude” and “longitude” to the “headers” parameter, if you’re integrating it with another app or service. ie: “headers=latidute,longitude,…others…”.

Now, back to Line Listing, do you mind creating a Jira ticket for this problem? Then I can talk to the Product Team and see if we can add this feature back (through your Jira). We have to confirm wether it was deprecated in favor of DE types or not.


@maikel - thanks very much for the advice and the workaround.

I have created a JIRA issue here: [DHIS2-17721] - Jira