Limiting number of program events

In a tracker program, I want to limit number of events/follow-ups for a tracked entity instance to 1 event per day, so that the user is not allowed to create more than 1 event in a day for a TEI.

Can this be achieved?

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Can I get any help on this?

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This is an interesting question!

I don’t remember seeing this exactly in the configuration but you might be able to use program rules. For example, using daysBetween you’re able to get the date of an DE in the event and check if it’s still the same day or not. If it’s the same day, show an error and the user will not be able to create a new event.

Hope this helps! (:


Thanks @Gassim for the suggestion, I’ll test this out and let you know.


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I was able to achieve this by setting period type to daily in Program Stage configuration.
This way it allows only one event for each day:
Screenshot from 2023-03-20 11-20-13


Thanks for sharing the solution @Quoda ! :tada: