Limit minimum/maximum values in Data Viz run incorrect?

Hello everyone,

We are using v2.38 and trying to setup a cross-table which only show facilities have “report rate < 100%”. We are trying to use option: “Limit minimum/maximum” but it work in the weird way as picture below:


Anyone know how to solve this issue is appreciated, thanks

Hi @Truong_Nguyen

Welcome back to the community! I’m not able to reproduce this issue on play Please see screenshot below:

Would you please test in play and try to reproduce the issue? Please check the type of the metadata that’s behaving in that way. The ANC 1 visit in the table above is a data element of value type number.

Additionally, in your instance you might want to clear cache and run analtyics to make sure it’s not a cache issue. Please go to the Data Administration app → Maintenance → Reload apps, clear application cache then run the analytics tables export. After that when you check please use the browser’s Guest mode ( Browse Chrome as a guest - Computer - Google Chrome Help)


Hi @Gassim,

Thanks for response, the issue happens when you select “reporting rate” of data set.


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Yes, now I understand what you mean. I think this is because the “reporting rate” is percentage whereas the “limit minimum/maximum values” is expecting a number value not a percentage. I am able to reproduce this one play when I select the reporting rate as you mentioned. Would you like to report this as a bug issue on Projects - Jira with your account? Selecting DHIS2 Software as the Project.

Please paste the jira issue here so other can watch/comment/vote. Thanks!

Posted issue here:

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