Legend sets fail to load in data visualizer table that has multiple indicators with data dimension in the row. Affected versions 2.38.0, 2.37.3, 2.37.4

After upgrade to DHIS2 version 2.37.3, the color coding for indicators is lost in table that has more than one indicator or data element.

Any assistance would be apprecated.

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@paleu256, sorry about that! Does this happen to any table in 2.37.3 so that you can reproduce this on play.dhis2.org? If so, please share the steps to reproduce.

If this happening only to the tables that were previously in your instance before the upgrade. Could you check in the Network and Console tabs in your browser’s developer tools if there errors?

Thank you!

Yes, I did reproduce this on play and it happens to any table including newly created and not only the old ones.

In data visualizer for pivot tables, when the option to use legends is activated and “legend type” is set to “Use pre-defined legend per data item” and the table contains more than one indicator or with some dataelements as well, the legend sets do not load if the data/indicators are placed in the rows.

  1. Activate Legend with type set to "Use “Use pre-defined legend per data item” with more than one indicator or with data elements.

  2. Table with Data Dimension in the column section - loads legend sets…

  3. Table with Data Dimension in the Row section - fails to load legend sets

No specific error in the console…

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Hi, @Gassim , just bring this up again. I’ve also created a Jira ticket Log in - DHIS 2 JIRA

This is tested on play. Affected versions 2.38, 2.37.3, 2.37.4. See details in my last post in this thread.


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Thank you @paleu256! I’ve added CoP to the labels and a comment to this topic as well as my ‘vote’ and watching.:+1:

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