Leaving comments in Data Entry

The [X] box for the popup of leaving a comment in Data Entry Legacy has disappeared. I used to be able to click out of the comment box, but now you have to reload the page to be able to exit this comment pop-up box.

Please let me know if anyone else has encountered this issue. Leaving screenshots of it now versus what it used to look like (ignore my annotations on the old screenshot - it was the only picture I had)

Current view


Hi @camk9 . Sorry you’re having trouble here.

I’ve updated the title of this post as the issue here refers to the legacy data entry app (not the Data Entry Beta app). In the new data entry beta app, there is a cancel button to abandon comments and you can hide the details sidebar that includes comments.

I believe this issue in the legacy data entry app occurs when you open a comment and your browser window is not tall enough to accommodate the full height of the box the comment is in. That is at least what I see happening on play/dev.

I’d suggest trying to use a taller window and seeing if that resolves the issue, but we’d also be happy if you can replicate on one of our play instances (e.g. DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone) and create a bug report on our JIRA.

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