Learning material about DHIS2 Maps & GIS

DHIS2 Maps resources

There are several resources that can help you learn more about DHIS2 Maps:


Learning QGIS

QGIS is a powerful desktop application that can be used alongside DHIS2 Maps. QGIS allows you to combine DHIS2 data with other datasets, and do advanced spatial analysis. The QGIS Layout Manager gives you full control of your printed maps.

Video tutorials
A series of short videos showing you how to combine org units from DHIS2 and population data from WorldPop in QGIS to calculate the population:

  1. Downloading WorldPop population data
  2. DHIS2 data download
  3. QGIS data import and styling
  4. Finding Population living within org unit boundaries
  5. Calculating population living within buffers
  6. Population living within walking and driving distances

Other useful learning resources

Learning ArcGIS

ArcGIS is another powerful GIS platform where you can include data from DHIS2 for advanced analysis. ArcGIS is commercial software from ESRI.