Launchpad closing - migration to CoP

Dear Launchpad users,

As many of you are aware, we are officially launching a DHIS2 Community of Practice (CoP) on November 29. Many DHIS2 users are already using the CoP and it is exciting to see the discussions that are taking place.
The overarching goal of the CoP is to have a “one-stop shop” to find relevant DHIS2 resources and information online. This is a forum where DHIS2 users can come to discuss, ask questions, get feedback. As such, Launchpad will be permanently closed.

We did not want to lose the expansive knowledge base, so the mailing list archives on Launchpad have been migrated to Discourse, the platform that hosts the CoP.

To make the transition to Discourse easier, we have created an account on the CoP for those of you who have posted on Launchpad and imported all your previous posts. Please note that you will not receive any emails from Discourse until you have claimed your account. The following link will provide details on how to claim your account: Once you’ve claimed your account, you can continue with your previous discussions or start new ones!

If you have not posted on Launchpad before, you can join the DHIS2 CoP here:

WEBINAR: We will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday November 28 at 2pm (GMT+1) where we will present the CoP and give a short demo of the platform. More info and the link to join the webinar is here:

We are excited to get the CoP up and running, and look forward to all of your contributions.

Best regards,
Kjerstin and the CoP core team


Hi everyone,

The correct link to join the CoP is:

Best regards,