Launching our global project on DHIS2 for climate and health

As COP28–the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference–kicks off in Dubai, the HISP Centre at the University of Oslo is pleased to announce the launch of our new global initiative: DHIS2 for Climate and Health. Read the full announcement on our website.

The potential effects of climate change and related ecosystem disruptions are dramatic and wide-ranging, touching every part of life on our planet, including human health. In many health programs – such as infectious disease surveillance, maternal and child health, and nutrition and food security – health outcomes can be directly and indirectly impacted by climate and environmental factors.

To help strengthen the climate resilience of national health systems, the HISP Centre at the University of Oslo, the global HISP network, and an international team of experts in climate, health, and technology domains will work with local stakeholders to enhance existing DHIS2 systems through the integration of climate, weather, environmental, and earth observation data; the development of Climate and Health (C&H) analytical and modeling tools; and the design of data visualizations and dashboards to support effective and timely analysis and decision making in response to climate-sensitive health risks.

You can read about our work in this area–including potential use cases and real-world examples from countries that are already piloting DHIS2 C&H systems–on the new DHIS for Climate section on our website: Climate - DHIS2

Members of the DHIS2 community are encouraged to share and discuss experiences, use cases, solutions, and questions in the new Climate subcategory on the CoP: Climate - DHIS2 Community.

We also invite countries and potential partners who are interested in being involved in this project to contact us at

This project is funded by generous support from Wellcome. The partnership between HISP and Wellcome will be publicly announced at COP28 in Dubai in the WHO health pavilion on 2 December 2023 at 9:30 UTC. Learn more about the launch event and watch the livestream on the WHO website.

We look forward to working with the global DHIS2 community to develop and share innovative DHIS2 solutions to help countries respond to climate change!