Lag in Pulling events through the API

I’m experiencing a strange lag in the ability to pull events for a specific program within a specific set of dates. I want to try and describe my situation:
Pulling events with a simple program filter (no other parameters, thus finding “all” events within the program but only showing the first 50 in the pull). 1 Program with 5million+ events takes mere seconds to pull. The problem program with 2 thousand or so events takes 5-10 minutes. When adding start/end dates, there seem to be gains in efficiency.

My question is if people have found specific issues/inconsistencies/characteristics of events might lead to a delayed ability for DHIS2 to pull events?

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Hi @Matthew_Boddie!

Thanks for sharing! It’s interesting that the large number difference and yet the lesser number is taking longer. I wonder if there are other issues than the number of events? Maybe these events have different types of metadata? Also, please did you try to clear the server cache before testing? (i.e. Data Administration → Maintenance → Clear application cache, reload apps)?

Did you check the log (Catalina.out and network requests) if there are any errors or warnings that could give us a hint?

Thanks! Please feel free to post back to the community with any more findings.

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