Labels on Event Map

Dear All,
Is there a way I can put labels to the event map? A facility map is easy to do but I want the map to show event locations.


Hi @Kabango_Malewezi

Thank you for posting to the community! If you select event location in the coordinate field when editing the event layer you will see the name of the location in the map. The event location depends on coordinate values so does each coordinate have a label except for location name?

If the name on the map isn’t sufficient, what additional labels could be added to each coordinate?


We’d also love to have this feature–namely a “Label” option for points that can be pulled from any Text DE within the event.

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Thanks @Matthew_Boddie!

It would be great if you clarify more and if it’s possible explaining the use case.

@Gassim sure:

This is an example map where we’d love to be able to label the points that each represents. In the image, each point is a specific site where entomological data is being collected/processed.

If we were able to have labels directly on the points, we could use the coloring of the points for something much more interesting/useful (i.e. grouping the sites by, say, the specific activities they do/do not carry out, or the last finding of the sentinel site, etc. etc.)

I think the feature I’d propose is that in the Style tab, you could select “add label” and use any text DE that is within the Event to appear.

Just as a side note: for this particular use case, we could also (and would much prefer) using an Organisation Unit Group Set with individual OrganisationUnit Groups for this map. This would mean, though, that Organisation Unit Groups would have to be able to have point/shapefile allocations in the same way Organisations do.

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Thanks a lot.
I see that it takes location from the live map. What if I’m collecting location maps can it plot my locations? I see that it’s not working like that on my map.