Kurdish Language Name Problem in v.2.25

Dear developers and translation team,

in the v. 2.25 the Kurdish language , created especially for our implementation, is not more visible as Kurdish in the User’s Interface language, but with its ISO code “ckb”. All users with assigned Kurdish language have not assigned any language and the system default language appears. If I assign manually the “ckb” language to the user, the Kurdish translation of the interface appears.

But for the final users “ckb” is not comprehensible name.


Could you change the name to Kurdish or Kurdish Sorani for the language code ckb (ckb - ISO 639-3) for the v. 2.25 and all new versions.

I know that if not fixed in a stable mode in the core source, the problem will appears in any new version, because it is not part of the underlying libraries (GTK and the Java libraries) which provides these names, as specified by Jason Pickering in a mail (May 1st 2016) and we could not make change it into the libraries for the moment.

Thanks in advance for your help.



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