[ Knowledge Sharing ] Basic Python usage for DHIS2 APIs - Part 1

Hello all,

Sharing a bit of beginner level knowledge i gathered. If my post encourages few others to pick up some other topics to share, many beginners like me will be benefited.

So here I go with basic python usage series for DHIS2 APIs. I’m currently using DHIS2.py. You may find a better module or you can write your own code

Use case : I want to extract data element details as ID,Name from a DHIS2 instance using python code.

Pre-requisite: DHIS2.py module installed.

Workable code:

from dhis2 import Api
api = Api('play.dhis2.org/2.34.0/', 'admin', 'district')

r = api.get('dataElements?paging=false', params={'fields': 'id,name'})
de_data = r.json()

print ("ID,Name")
for de in de_data['dataElements']:
   print (de['id'],",",de['name'])

#sample output
#fbfJHSPpUQD , ANC 1st visit