Join us at the Global Digital Development Summit! Here´s why you should come!

Why attend the Global Digital Development Summit?

  1. Meet key actors within a variety of fields
  2. Present your ideas and work to others
  3. We have a wide variety of session topics
  4. More than 40 unique speakers
  5. Expand your knowledge and find solutions to problems
  6. Harness the energy of a like-minded community
  7. Absorb knowledge from a melting pot of ideas
  8. Learn beyond your field or interest
  9. Plenty of social and networking gatherings to expand your network of contacts
  10. Meet people who share the same mission, business goals and problems, and share ideas and learn about how to solve problems from people who have dealt with the same obstacles
  11. Be exposed to the many facets of digital development
  12. A chance to visit and spend time in beautiful Geneva
  13. Gain a better understanding of global health and how organizations are innovating in the health data space
  14. Business development opportunities
  15. Join us and discover for yourself!

The ticket sales closes soon. Get your ticket Now!


Don’t miss your chance to participate in the Global Digital Development Summit! Tickets still available, but not much longer!

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