Join us at the DHIS2 Asia/Pacific Conference, 22-24 November

Dear Community members

The HISP Asia Hub and the University of Oslo are delighted to announce the regional Conference for the Asia/Pacific DHIS2 community scheduled to take place on 22 - 24 November in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

This Asia/Pacific DHIS2 Conference will balance discussion and information sharing with learning technical skills through parallel sessions. It is comparable to a regional version of the DHIS2 Annual Conference hosted yearly in Oslo.

Discussions and presentations will focus on the following themes:

  • Review of the latest DHIS2 features: We will provide a background on the latest DHIS2 features and how they can potentially support your DHIS2 implementation.

  • Use case discussions: Using existing and planned examples from the field, use-cases will be discussed and demonstrated in order to provide an overview of current implementation efforts, successes and challenges.

  • DHIS2 use for LMIS, onehealth and climate change : While the traditional health program service delivery areas will be discussed, additional sessions on DHIS2 use for logistics, onehealth and climate will be added to this conference.

  • Standards based configuration: We will identify the standards based configurations available for implementations as reference and the resources available for you to standardize them within local contexts.

Technical sessions will include:

  • The development and maintenance of facility profiles: Review how to implement and maintain a reference list of your health facilities including key indicators such as the number of staff on hand, the services offered, etc.

  • Building public dashboards: Learn frameworks that allow you to build external, publicly accessible dashboards that retrieve data from DHIS2.

  • Interoperability: Review the requirements to set up interoperability between DHIS2 and other systems as well as examples of interoperability that have been set up in the field.

  • Security: Review the security features of DHIS2, learn about the DHIS2 security starter toolkit and discuss security needs within local implementations.

Are you based in the Asia/Pacific region? Do not hesitate to register HERE