Join the DHIS2 Design team for testing of cross-program line lists

The DHIS2 Design team prioritizes understanding the diverse needs and contexts of DHIS2 users. Using user research methods such as requirements gathering and usability testing (in-person and remote), we ensure the software meets real-world demands.
[Learn more about the work the Design team is doing and why listening to users is important in this video from the 2023 DHIS2 Annual Conference.]

Currently, the team is expanding efforts to conduct regular usability testing for all DHIS2 products. Prioritizing remote testing allows for scalable user feedback collection, as in-country visits, while valuable, are resource-intensive. Such tests help us assess how well a design, prototype, or feature works for users. In a test, participants complete tasks while we observe, listen, and take notes. The aim is to find any issues, gather data, and gain insights to verify the functionality meets user needs.

Join us for usability and performance testing of cross-program line lists!
The Analytics team has been working on cross-program line lists which will be released in v41 in May 2024. Cross-program line lists mean that if you have a tracked entity (patient, student, case) that has been enrolled in more than one program, you can create line lists with data from both of these programs. One common use case is if a person is enrolled in both TB and HIV programs, for example.

For the usability test, we would require:

  • 8 participants for the usability test (Split by several implementations)
    [Participant profile: These participants are users of the implementation who use the line list functionality often + can commit to a 90-minute interview over a Zoom call]
  • Instances where tracked entities can be enrolled in more than one program, that can be upgraded to 2.41dev on a test instance
  • Metadata file of configuration to prepare usability testing tasks

For performance testing, we would require:

  • Creation of baseline file (performance test file) together with the development team
  • Installation of and access to Glowroot on instances to assess performance during performance tests

Benefits for you and your implementation include close collaboration with the core development team, early access to make sure functionality works for your implementation, and being part of improving DHIS2 design and user experience.

If you are interested, please contact us at or comment in this thread.

Thank you for contributing to making DHIS2 a better platform for our users!

on behalf of DHIS2 Design Team


Hope all is well with you.
Am glad to be sending you this email, I would like to be part of this team.

Thank you

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Great work :clap:

This is a common inquiry in the CoP as I can remember many have asked about connecting TEIs from different programs. This is definitely helpful for the community. Thanks!

Hi Karoline,

I would like to participate as a tester with limited familiarity with the DHIS2 product, but possessing extensive knowledge in software testing.


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Thanks for responding @Mutemba and @Qian_Crystal_Li - I have sent you both direct messages to get more information about your implementations for this usability testing.