Join in the 2022 DHIS2 Annual Conference on the CoP!

Whether you are participating in the DHIS2 Annual Conference 2022 virtually or in person – or just want to learn more about what the event is about – the Community of Practice (CoP) offers a lot of ways to stay informed about conference topics, interact with participants and presenters, and more!

Here are a few important points to keep in mind:

Find all the annual conference topics with the DAC2022 tag

In the CoP, we will use the tag DAC2022 for all DHIS2 Annual Conference (DAC) 2022 topics. All new submissions and user stories as well as DAC announcements will use the DAC2022 tag. You can browse all topics that have been tagged with DAC2022 at this link:

Receive notifications for all new topics about the Annual Conference

If you’d like to receive email notifications for all of the DHIS2 Annual Conference topics, please add the DAC2022 tag to your “watched” list in your CoP account. Here’s how to do it:

First, after logging in to with your CoP account, open your profile tag preferences (click here) and then type in the word DAC2022 into the “watched” field or “watching first post” field. Second, make sure you “save changes."

Get a sneak peek of the Annual Conference sessions

We’re only a few weeks away from our DHIS2 Annual Conference! Get a sneak preview with videos from some of our Subject Matter Experts on what to expect on key topics like EMIS, LMIS, COVID-19, Immunization, and more!

Ask questions and comments on DAC2022 presentation topics

We received a record number of abstract submissions for the Annual Conference this year, including lots of good examples of DHIS2 use, innovation and impact. For each abstract we select, we will ask the presenter to post a summary here on the CoP, where you can read them to get a preview of their presentations, ask questions and share your thoughts with the presenters.

Cast your vote and share your opinion in the App Competition and more!

During the Annual Conference, we will post polls on the CoP where you can vote for your favorite options – including voting for the winner of the 2022 App Competition – or share your opinion! You need a CoP account to join in the voting in these polls and contests.

Enhance your conference experience with a CoP account:

  • Remember to login to your CoP account to be able to:
    • New in 2022! For the first time ever on the CoP, you can live chat with other community members. You will find the chat icon at the top right side of the community pages. Click on it and start chatting! (By default you will only get notifications when another community member mentions you, and you can also)
    • Participate in live-streaming presentations and Q&A sessions

  • Receive badges for participating and helping others
  • :heart: heart your favorite topics and bookmark them with or without a reminder to read them at another time
  • Be able to cast votes with other community members
  • Update your profile information to network with other community experts

Check the CoP homepage banner for important updates and links

We’ll also be updating the CoP homepage banner with links to important annual conference resources and events, so remember to check the banner for updates!

New to the CoP?

If you are new to the Community of Practice, you can learn more about the CoP and how you can use it to connect with the DHIS2 community with this short video:


Hi @Gassim, can you confirm if the response to the Annual conference registrations has been sent yet? Not seeing anything in my inbox so I am assuming we haven’t made the list for this year.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Haydn

Apologies for the late reply. We will get back to you in the coming days regarding your abstract and your participation slot. Thank you. Alice

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