Job opportunity at DHIS 2 core team as Manual QA Tester

Hi all!

The DHIS 2 core team now has an opportunity open for individuals as Manual QA Tester.

You will be responsible for manual testing of the DHIS 2 software as part of our software release process, triage issues reported through our issue management system, manage communication and feedback from DHIS 2 users and more.

  • This position is remote only, meaning you will be working from a remote location.
  • We accept both part-time and full-time applications.

This job offers great career opportunities as there is a possibility for becoming a DHIS 2 expert implementer through excellent performance.

Interested? Send us an email at and include your motivation for working for us, CV and contact information.

Read the full ad here:

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the DHIS 2 team


This job opportunity is now closed.

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