Java JDK 11 is required starting from DHIS 2.38

Hi all,

starting with DHIS 2.38 (the next release due in April 2022), Java JDK version 11 is required. This means that you cannot use Java 8 anymore when deploying DHIS 2.38.

Java 11 has been supported for DHIS 2 since version 2.35. This means that you can upgrade your server to JDK 11 while still running DHIS 2.35 or later in preparation for the DHIS 2.38 upgrade. Java 11 has proven to be reliable and significantly faster for DHIS 2, so we recommend implementers to upgrade now.

As always, we recommend using an OpenJDK distribution of Java, due to the free and open source nature.

OpenJDK 11 distributions are available on all major operating systems and is the default JDK on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

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