Jasper Report Discontinued?

We are working on some major custom app development in DHIS2 2.35/2.36 platform. I do not see any active discussion on Jasper Report after Apr 2016. I still see Jasper 6.3.1 is compiled with DHIS2.

QUESTION - Is it really possible to design Jasper report and link with DHIS2 now?

Expecting the dev team to answer. If the answer is YES, I am sure there are hundreds of developers waiting to see ‘how to do it’. A video demo would be expected.

Thank you for your question @Mahmud! Actually, it seems like there’s a discussion about JasperReport and I have sent your post to the developers and will continue to follow-up on this topic. Thanks!

Hi @Gassim

I believe you have got a response from the developers regarding jasper report. Would be great also to get any guidance or full step-by-step documentation on how to create jasper report and use it in DHIS2.

Thank you

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