January Developer Meetup Announcement: Community Presentation, ICD-11 Cause of Death app

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!

It’s this time of the month again, the Developer Meetup announcement. This month ( 2024-01-11T10:00:00Z) we’ve got an exciting community presentation. HISP Vietnam ( @Thai ) will present their recently released ICD-11 Cause of Death app to the community.

During the presentation, you will see the (inner) workings of the amazing ICD-11 application that was built by HISP Vietnam. They’ll dive into frameworks used, challenges faced, and how they solved them. And of course, a look into the code.

Are you curious about how HISP Vietnam built the application, and do you want to learn from them? Join the meetup 2024-01-11T10:00:00Z.

There will be plenty of time for Q&A with HISP Vietnam about the application and the technologies they used. Will we see you there?

If you already are getting an invite every month because you signed up before, you’ll receive an invite soon, if you’re joining for the first time you can sign up through the form below. Will I see you there?

Want to see the app in action, you can download ICD-11 Cause of Death from the App Hub

Recording of the presentation can be found here:

Here are the slides of the presentation:


Hi, thank you for this interesting topic. please the link to sign up is not available


Hi @Elise, welcome to the DHIS2 community. I am hoping you are enjoying what it has to offer so far.

In order for you to get the link to the session, you can sign up through the Google form like @Rene said here:

The link to the Google form is here:

After signing up, a link will be shared to your email


Thank you @Mayamiko!

@Elise let me know if you have any issues signing up!


Hi @Rene i am still facing the same issue while trying to access the link. No access to the form despite i am connected to internet.

I’ve sent you a private message to resolve this


Thank you it is now ok

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Recording is now live on YouTube:


Here are the slices of this presentation.