It's possible to drilldown on DHIS2 visualizer?

I’m a beginner on DHIS2, I’m trying to create a chart (column chart, pie chart…) with drill down on org unit, period, or data dimension but I have not done. So, please help me if you have any idea for this.


Nguyen Ha.

Hi Nguyen,

Welcome to DHIS2. I am assuming you would like to drill down/up an orgUnit.

Go to the organizationUnit tab in the left side data dimension menu.

Click on the settings symbol and choose the appropriate selection mode; the default one is select organisationUnits which allow you to select the orgUnits you want to visualize manually.

You can also drill down/up orgUnits by orgUnit levels; change the selection mode to levels and select the appropriate level from the drop-down menu bar.

If you have some time, I recommend you enroll for the DHIS2 fundamentals course at to better understand DHIS2.

Hope that helps

Isaiah Nyabuto.


Isaiah Nyabuto


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Hi Nyabuto,

Thanks for your reply,

But I want it could be drill down on chart directly,

for example: I have an Organization Unit is : A , and its children are B, C, D

I would like to create a column chart with drill down on Org Unit dimension which the first time it shows data of A, and when I click on a column it will show a chart with data of B, C, D.

It look like this:


Nguyen Ha.