Item d2:concatenate( not supported for this type of expression

Function d2:concatenate is not working. I am getting an error when I am trying to concatenate First name, Last name and Sex ( for eg: Ann Mary, Female). See the screenshot attached.
DHIS2 Version -

Thank you.

Hi @PriyangaPKini

You’re creating a program indicator and in the filter expression you need to have a condition. The string you are concatenating will not work as a filter. Could you please explain more what is that you are trying to create? Even if “First name, Last name, Age” were to be concatenated as a string, it won’t work as a filter.

With more information about the use case we could find a solution.


Hi @Gassim
I have tried to concatenate in the PI expressions and got the same error.
Please ignore the previous screenshot.

Thank you @PriyangaPKini!

The program indicator expression needs to return a number. The expression you used returns a string. In the filter it’s supposed to return a Boolean (true or false). Please read here for more: Learner's Guide to Program Indicators - DHIS2 Documentation