It shows region based calendar on tracker capture but shows english calendar on the capture app. Is it possible to change it to the regional based calendar?

We are designing DHIS2 for Nepali users and we take data in Nepali Date. I have changed the setting to use Nepali Calendar for taking date inputs. It displays Nepali Calendar in Tracker Capture but the Capture asks user’s date in English Calendar. As we take Nepali Dates we need to integrate nepali calendar. Is it possible to change the calendar to Nepali?

Hi @riwaj.amakomaya

Thank you for your question! Please where are you being asked to enter user’s date in English vs in Nepali? Is this in the registration form, working lists, or somewhere else? Could you take a screenshot of both?

Thank you!

Here it is displaying Nepali Calendar. It works fine as well.

My problem is in capture application. It shows English calendar which needs to be corrected to Nepali Calendar.