Issues to deploy DHIS2 version

Hello Gents,
I am trying to deploy the version “ of the DHIS2 with the following environment :
1- OS : Windows
2- Web Container : Tomcat version 10.1
3- Java : jdk
4- RDBMS : PostgreSQL Server 14
5- DHIS2 : Version (stable)
Everything seems run perfectly from the process to install the environment to import and deploy the war file of DHIS2 and in the tomcat interface DHIS2 is run as shown in the screen short below :

My issue is when I have tried to access DHIS2 I get this error and I can’t find any log to help me to fix the problem.

I will really appreciate some helps from you guys.

Hi Kenold,

Do you have a WAR file named dhis2 that you have deployed ? If not, you may need to name one of your WAR files accordingly in order to reach the application at /dhis2.
What is the first error message in your log file that you received when starting tomcat ? This is important to get a better understanding of the first thing that went wrong at startup. It’s usually downhill from the first error.
Why version 18 of Java ? I think we are still on version 11 in Linux. Please excuse my Linux biase as I am more fluent with it over hosting in Windows. However, if DHIS2 supports Java 18 in Windows, then please ignore this one.

Please advise.

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Please try /dhis2 not /dhis2/ :man_shrugging: