Issues loading widgets in Tracker Capture for some users

Hello, we are currently using DHIS2 instance 2.31.8. Some of our data entry users have recently noticed issues loading / displaying elements of the tracker capture app. I checked in the settings for which widgets were displayed, and checked several user accounts using a more stable internet connection. Settings for their access levels and access to organization structures all seem to be correct. Other users within the same group who have same access levels are not having issues. Has anyone else experienced this problem and know what might be the cause? I tried creating some additional new test accounts within the same user group with same access levels, and I am noticing this issue with the new test accounts as well. We have also tried clearing the browser cache and DHIS2 cache, but this has not helped. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Hi Maya, do any of them use ad blockers in their browser? I have found issues with some scripts being blacklisted - I turn off adblocker for all our sites.

If you press F12 and swtich to the console tab of the developer tools, are there any errors (usually in red) that are specific to those PCs?