Issues by Importing event data from a CSV File

Hello Guys,
I am trying to import some event data(tracker) from a CSV file and I have this follow error messages. Can someone help me , PLZ.

The error messages

Cannot deserialize value of type java.lang.Boolean from String “FALSE”: only “true” or “false” recognized at [Source: (com.fasterxml.jackson.dataformat.csv.impl.UTF8Reader); line: 2, column: 119] (through reference chain:[“providedElsewhere”])

Hi @krendel1811 ,

Can you try replacing FALSE to false and TRUE to true in the csv file and try importing it again?


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Thank you Reddy.
I think it was one of the issues because when I replaced TRUE by true as you suggested it gave me this following errors now :

Hi @krendel1811

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Please use make sure the columns in your CSV file are the same as the template in CSV-Events-payload-template .