Issue with Mobile app crashing or slow loading when TEI is clicked

Mobile app loads very slowly when a TEI is clicked to show details of the enrollment and program stages on mobile. It at times crashes. I need ideas on how to improve the performance of the tracker on the mobile devices

Hi @smomoh

Welcome back to the community.

This issue might be caused by so many factors including but not limited to mobile device, network connection, and server settings. To increase speed and performance, it will require a lot of testing and managing of the server, connections, devices, as well as the configuration of the Tracker Program (which might help).

Furthermore, it could greatly help in starting the process above, if you’re documenting the errors in a helpful way such as answering questions:

  1. When does the app crash?
  2. What devices the app crashes on?
  3. Does clearing the cache help? Is it the same in a brand new phone with the recommended specifications?
  4. How fast is the connection? Does this happen in all networks? …etc

There can be many questions to ask in order to understand the reasons why performance is slow. I recommend checking the Android Implementation documentation (About this guide - DHIS2 Documentation)


Hello, @smomoh .

When you say it is very slow while loading the TEI. This might happen if your program is quite big and/or the phone is not powerful enough. Could this be the case?

Regarding the crash. Could you share with us what is the error that you are getting? Also, are you using the latest version

Please let us know so we can help you troubleshooting! :slight_smile:

Hi @jaime.bosque and @Gassim,

Thanks for following up. Below are more details:

  1. The mobile app functioned well for some time from inception of the tracker program, but then became slow in loading TEI details most especially when a TEI has had at least one visit (Program stage record). What I can associate to this at the stage it happened is that the program had progressively grown in size.

  2. We are using version However, the problem started before we upgraded to 2.8.x

  3. This problem happens across devices on different networks, irrespective of the strength of the network.

  4. Capacity of the devices range from 2GB to 6GB memory. However, it seems to be better on a 6GB mobile device than a 2GB device.

  5. The app crashes on tablets and phones. The tablets mainly run on 2GB memory while the phones runs on 4GB to 6GB memory.

  6. We cleared cache but no significant improvement

Hi @smomoh . Is there a chance you could provide access to a testing server? or export the metadata of the program and share with us? Or even import it in a play server. Liket this we could more or less evaluate the heavyness of the program and discard any possible bug.

Hi @jaime.bosque, I hope to restore a copy of the database on a play server, then provide access to you for testing, but I first need to seek the consent of the data owner for this to happen. I will update you in coming days.