Issue with hide field program rules in Android 2.4.2

I am having a problem with hide field program rule in Android. I’m using Android Capture 2.4.2 and DHIS2 2.34.6. I tested the rule in the web and the older DHIS2 capture version which is 2.3.2 and it works well. The rule is

Condition: #{took_medicine} != true (the person did not take a medicine)
Action: Hide field: “date medicine taken”
Action: Show Warning: “Please take your medicine”

#{took_medicine} is a Yes Only field.

The warning shows and hides correctly in the capture 2.4.2 however the hide field always shows regardless of the response. What could be the problem?


Hi @Pomi_Daniel ,

I have performed a test on 2.4.2 with the same program rules and actions you mentioned here and I did not experience the same problem. Might be the case that you have another program rule that is causing the misbehavior?

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