Issue with Event reports app

Dear DHIS2 developers, @dhis2-analytics , @tracker-analytics

Recently I have upgraded to the version 2.38.3 and faced with the Event reports app issue. The error displayed is the same as was reported here: [DHIS2-14454] - Jira and Event Reports - Not Loading - Possibly after upgrade 2.38.3
as shown below

I have checked DHIS2.39 as well. The same issue persist there. Therefore I would like to ask if there any progress or should I postpone upgrade process?

Thank you.


Hi @Ulanbek,

Thanks for reporting this.

The issue needs to be investigated.

In the meantime, I recommend you to try the new Line listing App (available in 2.38 and 2.39) and see if you succeed there.


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Hi @YuryR ,

Thank you for your support and guidance.
I have followed you suggestion and found the application cannot propose enough time dimension choice as it was in time field in Event reports app. Additionally this app can generate only Line type report, where I was looking for the pivot table.
Also it is not possible to use saved reports as a dashboard element.

I believe would be great to improve existing Data visualiser app’s pivot table functionality, so user could generate pivot table by using DE\TEAs as a ROWs and COLUMNs.

Thank you Yury



I think it is imperative to have pivot tables working for tracker program. Users will lose confidence in DHIS2 if they see data inconsistencies or visualizer applications that do not work.