Issue updating category combination name and code . Not the category itself

Hello Everyone,

I have confirmed that in some and 40.0.1 versions that updating a catCombo code or name with data in it is impossible. I have found another community post linking this and a JIRA issue linked with it that does not specifically address the issues that we are facing.

In lower versions, or at least in 2.38 & 2.37, you can update catCombo code or name or both and this will not return an error or affect your instance as long as run maintenance before inserting values. I have replicated this issue on plays version 40.0.1. It is quite straightforward to replicate:

    • Select version 40
    • Login with admin/district
    • Navigate to maintenance from the app menu.
    • Navigate to the category combinations
    • Select any catCombo that looks popular enough to have data in it (in my case I used Fixed/Outreach)
    • Update the name or code (! Do not touch the categories !)
    • Open your browser inspect and navigate to network
    • Save the category combo
    • Wonder why you see something similar to the attached image


  1. Skip 1 - 6 from above.
  2. Save your self the trouble and just follow this link: DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone
  3. Follow through 7 - 11

Does anyone know why this is happening? if it can be fixed and how to fix it? Or if this is something the technical team can help us take a look? Any comment and help will be much appreciated :pray:

Thank you.

Have you tried editing this through import/export instead? Not saying it will work, but that’s what I’d personally try next.

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@Matthew_Boddie I’m sorry it took so long to respond.

A patch update via the API works great, but with the instance that I am working with - most times the COCs have to be manually updated as well if changes were made to the names (no, I don’t think this happened at first when the COCs were first being updated through the API and no it should not be happening now).

So long term, it is an issue. For the COCs we’re looking into maintenance but it will be nice to be able to update the CatCombos in the normal way.


Dear @WumiOjo,

it has relationships and entered data thier if it was newly created easily was updated.
if you have access to database(PostgreSQL) you can update from thier through query.

Mohammad Ayub Yousafzai
Kabul , Afghanistan

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