Issue importing CSV with categoryoptioncombos

I’m moving data between instances of DHIS-2 (from the HMIS to the Data Warehouse with a subset of data elements).

Since the dataelementids and orgunitides are not always the same in the two systems, I’m using the code fields for those. I’ve set up a query to provide the data I need with one exception: if the categoryoptioncomboids are not default, I need to find the id in the destination system.

Would it not be possible to use the categoryoptioncomboname during import, since there is no code field for categoryoptioncombos…a file that is autogenerated?

Here is a sample of the CSV: (I’ve added the categoryoptioncombo field to illustrate the issue).








“8222”;“201311”;“384”;“297”;“(0-11 months)”;“118”

“8222”;“201311”;“370”;“297”;“(0-11 months)”;“15”

“8222”;“201311”;“155”;“297”;“(0-11 months)”;“56”

“8222”;“201311”;“158”;“297”;“(0-11 months)”;“46”

We move data across to the data warehouse each month, so I’d like to make the process as simple as possible.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

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