Isssue with 'Complete' Buttons Remaining Active After Data Submission in Customized Capture App (Version"


I’d like to draw your attention to my current use of version of the capture app. This particular version has undergone customization, including modifications to the app’s color, name, and logo. These adaptations were undertaken to distinguish the CHIS app from the standard DHIS2 app utilized by health facility staff for case-based disease surveillance. Notably, this customized DHIS2 capture app is responsible for data submission to our CHIS instance, which operates on DHIS2 2.38.4.

While the functionality seems to be aligning with expectations, a minor issue has come to light. Specifically, following data submission, if the application is accessed through a web browser, the “complete” buttons retain their active state, contrary to the anticipated behavior of becoming inactive.

In light of this, I kindly request assistance from those who are familiar with a potential solution to address this concern. Your support in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you for sharing the challenge you are facing. Regarding the customized app, would you please share the relevant code snippet that was changed? For instance, you can share the code where the Complete button is before and after the change.

Did you try to use the official android DHIS2 Capture app for the same instance and steps? Is the Complete button working as expected?

It’ll probably require more actual input from your side to receive feedback. If the app is available in a Github repository, I’d recommend sharing a link to the relevant code.

I hope this helps. Thanks!

Hello @Gassim
Upon my personal investigation of the problem with the query, I discovered that there was no problem with my custom app. It appears that the issue arose when users failed to synchronize the data after clicking the save button, leading to the problem.

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@Gerald_Thomas glad that you were able to resolve the issue, and thanks for sharing! BTW, have you shared about the app with the community? You’re welcome to make a post in the Implementation - Implémentation category about your CHIS app if you want.

Thank you!