Is there some function like program rule for dataset?

I wonder if there are some way to control dateset’ DE value input like program rule?


Depends on how you’d like to control that. There’s the validation rules which allow you to set Max and Min values.

I can find more resources about this if it answers your question.

But if it’s exactly the same as Program Rules then there isn’t but even though it comes with some disadvantages probably using Java Script in the HTML form would be the only option.

BTW, I like your question. Could you share use cases where this is important with examples? Thanks!

Thanks. Mr. Gassim,
For example: hide some DE field by the inputting value of some DE field.
custom some tips for inputted value.

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You’re welcome, thank you!

Yes, that’s not available in the data entry app.

However, it’s possible to use JavaScript … here’s a quick demonstration only to illustrate the point: