Is there any way of putting comment in program rule expression?

I want to deactivte program rule without deleteing program rule entirely or wiping out the entire expression completely.
Looking for a way or syntax or symbol that can be put before PR expression which will comment out the expession?

Hi @sohel
You could try
false && (your_pr_expression_here_in_parentheses)


I think this should be achieved by evaluating that program rule to false
you can add not to that expression,
may be if you can describe what that program rule evaluates the answer should be more meangful

Hope it helps

Yes, that’s smart @brian! :grin:

@Pacifique_Hategekima Yes, thanks! I think that’s what the expression Brian mentioned above does:

@sohel please let us know if you’re still facing an issue or if it has been solved please mark solution! :+1:

Thanks @brian , that works !!!