Is there an elegant way to rename pivot table columns in the visualiser?

The problem I have is that I have Data Elements and Indicators with quite long descriptive names. When I use these in a pivot table on the dashboard they make the pivot table very hard to used as it feels like walls of text.

To get around this issue I am having to create a wrapper indicator with a shorter name.

Question: Is there a way to rename a column for the pivot table, or an elegant solution to wrapping DE and Indicators with new names?

Here are the examples of my DE and indicators with long names:
Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 17.14.44
Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 17.14.41

And my example of the table where I am creating wrapper indicators to rename the column titles:


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Hi @jamiecarter7

Like many of the ideas you’ve posted, I believe this is a feature request as well. We can add it as a feature request, would you like to use the voting tool to add the idea (see ideas)?



I was hoping to. find an answer, but I already posted a suggestion for this in the Jira.


Hi @jamiecarter7 !
What version are you using? It appears that indicator names in pivot tables will text wrap automatically as of 40.3.
See example from Play below. Looks the same on a dashboard.

Maybe you are on an earlier version, like 2.36? [DHIS2-10233] - Jira

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The issue is not the text wrapping within the cell.

I was looking for methods to alter the title of the column in an elegant way.

I am doing this currently by creating a new indicator with a new name using the same figures.

Ah ok. Unfortunately I dont think theres a quick way to set shorter column name per visualization.

Some workarounds:

  • As a global setting for all visualizations, you can check the System Settings and set the display names to the indicator or DE shortname instead of name
    Screenshot 2024-05-10 104258

  • You could also consider translating the indicator name with a shorter title. If you are using English as the default language I think this should show the shorter name in analytics apps too.

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@brian Thank you. Those are helpful solutions but won’t work in our instance.

I often need the longer name to add more detail to the indicator as the short name isn’t long enough.