Is there a way to change the Yes Only text ("yes") to something else ("okay")?


I’m using a Yes Only data element as a label to notify users of some information. “yes” is confusing to our users so I was wondering if it is possible to change it to “okay”?


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Hi @Clara
Yes it’s possible and very easy to accomplish.
Edit your data element in the formname option put the text that you want.

the expected result


Hey @asacur. What version of tracker are you using? I’m using app v2.5.1 and Yes only data elements don’t show the square box but a circle with the word yes next to it.

Thanks @asacur!

@Clara would you please take a screenshot of the box that’s not showing the Yes Only value type? In all recent versions of DHIS2 you will find this field. :+1:


Hi @Clara,
I made that change on dhis play, please follow the link.

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See image for the “yes” text next to my now vertical checkbox @asacur @Gassim

Hi again,
This is the normal behavior on android that I don’t think there is any way to change.
I saw that the Form name is empty. Try to put a text that will make sense for the user to type “yes”.

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Hey @asacur , when i put ‘OK’ in the form name field as you recommended, it changes the user-facing data element text to ‘OK’. But that’s not what we want - we want “Preencha as informacoes do contacto abaixo” to remain as the data element text, and ‘OK’ to appear in place of ‘yes’ near the checkbox.

I found I was able to achieve this by creating an option set with ‘OK’ as the only option, and then setting the data element’s option set to the ‘OK’ option set, and setting the mobile render type to ‘vertical checkbox’ as you suggested.

However, this solution doesn’t work for tracked entity attributes in my registration form - that mobile render type is not an option for attributes. Why is that? Is there a solution for attributes?

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Hi @Ali_Flaming and @Clara, yes it possible to do that in tracker entity. But I feel that the question is unnecessary but in any case this is how you can do it.

Use that Option that you already created on the tracked entity attribute. And change the view to “Vertical Checkboxex”.


Check this link i did this example on Dhis2 Play.


@asacur have you noticed the options under Mobile and Desktop render type have changed? Is it a bug in the latest released version?

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Hi @Clara what is your version of Dhis2 core? I never noticed this behavior.

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@asacur I’m using version 2.35.2. I was seeing your options earlier but it seems they just changed over the past few weeks.

Hi @Clara if possible share with me a credential of your test server privately so that I can verify.

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Hey @asacur is it possible to have a screenshare call instead?

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Yes. Send me a link.

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Hey @asacur sent you a direct message.

If you check this link, the options are the same for last name:

@asacur the fix (recreating the attribute and option set) only worked temporarily. The options for vertical boxes disappeared and went back to the above (value, autocomplete, etc). I’m starting to think this bug should go to Jira.

Hi @Clara first you should update to the latest patch of your version(v2.35.12) and see if still persists and if so then yes it is a bug.

This was resolved by patching to 2.35.13. Thanks everyone!

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