Is there a limit for number of Program rules in a program/DHIS2?

Hi all,

I am wondering is there a limit for the number program rules to build under a program. The reason is my app works fine and throws errors and kind of collapsing the Tracker Capter App on Web once I include the next program rule. I checked everything and everything is okay.

So far I have 122 program rules and when I add the 123rd rule, I get the problem.

So I doubt this. Please any clarification on this subject is appreciated very much.



Hi @MSP,

Even though too many program rules may slow down the performance, I doubt that the issue for Your problem lies in the amount of program rules. I am developing a program with so far 250 rules and it works fine. What so you see in the log when you add the 123rd rule?

Kind regards,

Yury Rogachev

Thank you @YuryR for trying to assist me.

I deleted the rules, created again and it worked. Everything I did now is exactly the same I did before. So, I could not figure out what went wrong.

However, thanks for sharing your side. It clarifies that the issue is not with the number of rules.

Best regards,