Is there a documentation or instruction on how to implement custom app hub?

My company want to implement DHIS2 as part of our public good program. However, we will like to implement a custom app hub so that we can build apps that uses up-to-date packages. Most of the packages used in the app platform are outdated and deprecated and it’s a big troubled trying to use resolution to resolve them. We would like to host our apps in our own app hub so that they are not automatically updated from the dhis2 apphub server. Is there a documentation or any reference I can refer to?

Hi @jetisco4u

In the dhis.conf settings, there are these optional settings:

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
# App Hub [Optional]
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------

# Base URL to the DHIS2 App Hub service
apphub.base.url ="
# Base API URL to the DHIS2 App Hub service, used for app updates
apphub.api.url =

You can change the base URL and Base API URL to use the local APP HUB you’re planning to use. As to how to do that, you can check DHIS2 App Hub repository read me file: GitHub - dhis2/app-hub: DHIS2 Application Hub

Hope this helps!