Is it possible to generate a Data Value Set Template for ADX?

Hi all,

Currently, I’m working for OpenMRS as a GSoC intern and I’m working on a module that posts data from OpenMRS to DHIS2.

The module uses ADX to post data and does not support disaggregations yet. I went through the DHIS2 ADX documentation and got to know that ADX format uses attribute instead of categoryOptionCombos.

I’m having the following questions.

  1. Is there any way to generate Data Value Set Template for ADX? If no, what would be the best practice to do it?
  2. Can I post data using XML or JSON instead of using ADX? Is it recommended? (We use this module only to post the data)

Thank you.

Hi @jayasanka, I’m sure @morten, our integration team lead, can help you. You can also reach the integration team at


Thanks a lot @Scott! :blush:

In the meantime, I created an EER for the DB. Let me know if there’s a way to improve this.

We store a reference to an OpenMRS report element for each Data value.