Is it possible to create an Overdue Patients line list in the "Line List" dashboard app

We are implementing an Hypertension Tracker Program and want to create a line of patients in an Org Unit who are overdue for a scheduled event.

  • When I use the “Enrollment” line list type, the options for “Scheduled Date” are disabled
  • When I try “Event” line list type, I consistently get an error message “Couldn’t load dimensions” under Program Dimensions

Is it possible to create a line of list of “All patients enrolled in an Org Unit who are overdue for a schedule event in the Hypertension Program”? What am I doing wrong?

(all fake data in screenshots)

Hi @dburka

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Please make sure that the program stage has “scheduled days from start” enable with the number of days from enrollment until it’s considered overdue. After that, make sure to clear the browser cache, run the analytics tables export in the Data Administration app, and then check the app again to be able to see the “Scheduled Date” option.

Sorry to see that you are seeing this issue. Please open your DevTools and select the Network tab (F12 → Network) and then copy the request/response of the network requests with errors. (You can hide the domain name).

Thank you!

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Thanks so much for the response. Here is a screenshot of the error in the Console when I try to select a Program.


Thank you for posting the info. Please try to get more details from the error log as the screenshot shows generic info.

Are you able to reproduce this in any of the instances?

Furthermore, and a very important step, please try again in the Guest mode of your browser Browse Chrome as a guest - Computer - Google Chrome Help this will ensure that it’s not a cache issue.

Thank you!