Is it possible and how can I use DHIS with SSO already authenticated? as an iframe

I would like to embed DHIS in an application, where there is already an authentication by SSO, and I would like to use DHIS normally with its user and roles for the application already created.
it is possible? How can I do it…

Welcome to the community @matheus! :tada:
Depending on the type of application as well as the program language that you are using to develop it, it might be possible to embed the website; however, would you please describe your use case a bit more?

DHIS2 core team developers as well as other community members might have alternative options, too!


So, I have an application that already has other apps embeded, my intention is to add dhis2 as an app inside my app, but already logged in, from my application (which already uses SSO). It would almost be like removing the login from dhis2, using the same user of my application with dhis2. Do you have any tips for this situation?

Hey @matheus,

Thank you for sharing this idea with the community, and discussing the options that might be available. Maybe give this application access to the dhis2 api to get the access credentials so that when the user accesses the embed site or embed android app (depending on the application).

Another option is to create an app which gets the info needed from the DHIS2 instance using API into your application.