Is DHIS2 2.33 stable enough?

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Can anyone tell me if the DHIS2 Version 2.33 is stable enough to develop a project to follow up hemophilia patients? Are there bugs that still need to be fixed? If it is not stable enough what version do you recommend? We would like to use this last version because of its new features but would like to get out of the doubt. Thank you


Hi @jgaf1980,

The released version 2.33 is very much stable and in case you find any bug during your implementation, we have a team of robust users and developers who can troubleshoot the issue and provide a fix for it.


I have raised a minor issue with @phil
Should there be any bugs with database version - these will be shared on the platform. devs are currently looking into it. I am currently running an instance on 2.33.1 and its working just fine.

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Hi @jgaf1980!

Stability is something that the DHIS2 team focuses a lot on every release. I believe that 2.33 is as stable as any other version and it has some great features that other versions don’t have. I haven’t seen high impact issues that were only present on 2.33 yet, it’s usually issues that are present in all supported versions. Also, it’s the latest supported version, which means that you will have more time before you need to upgrade your instance to keep using the supported version. As James said, we have a team of skilled users and developers and a good release process, so the issues you encounter will be fixed.

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Thank you for your answer

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Thank you all guys for your answer, we will start working on this version.

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