Invitation to enrol to our new DHIS2 Fundamentals online course

Hi there,

I am pleased to announce that the online version of our DHIS2 Fundamentals online course has been live since a few weeks. 450 participants are already enrolled. If you are not yet among them, enrol now :).

This course is an introduction to DHIS2. It is self-paced and it takes approximately 4 weeks to go through (based on a 5 to 6 hours / week effort)

May you encounter challenges to enrol please send an email us at

Happy DHIS2 online training!

PS: I have attached some guidelines to help you navigating through the interface.

I recommend that you read them through before you enrol.

RegistrationandEnrollmentGuide.pdf (302 KB)


Matthieu Pinard

DHIS2 Online Academy Coordinator | University of Oslo

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