Inventory management in DHIS2?

I think this is a common question, but I could not find what I was looking for when searching. I would like to track vaccine lots from central warehouse through consumption at facilities. I think a Tracker program would be best to implement this (I am new to DHIS2), but I wonder if I am reinventing the wheel as I do this. I know the COVAC package has something, but I am trying to do something simpler. All I need to do is have central warehouse input the lot #s and vaccine names along with their quantities, and then have the in-country people follow up on these enrollments to report back the # used (essentially) for each of these vaccines and lot numbers at the facilities. Does Tracker seem an appropriate solution? Does something already exist for this? Thank you.

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@GeorgeMcGuire ?

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Hi Stephen!

What you are looking to do does seem possible with a Tracker program and integration with the system managing the central level warehouse. This is not something included in the Covid-19 vaccine delivery package, but is possible to configure and is part of our LMIS development roadmap. Is it correct to assume that you are, or will be using, the Immunization eRegistry?

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Take care!